It’s very rare that I get excited over a protein products, most of the ones I buy seem to be pretty similar in macros and quality, but when Multipower contacted me asking me if I would like to try their 100% whey isolate protein powder, I got pretty excited. Before… View Post

How has June arrived already?! I cannot believe we are six months into the year, it is absolutely mad! I thought I would write a post to try and put some monthly goals in plan, to try and make June a little more productive and see if I can get… View Post

Protein Supplements – What are they and should you be taking it? The market nowadays is so full of shakes, balls, bars, vitamins and powders it can be so easy to get lost in all of it and get confused. Should you be taking it? What does it do?  Which one should I buy?… View Post

Weightloss diary number 10. I have actually posted an update every week for 10 weeks, how insane is that?! I swear every week I am over the moon I have been on the weightloss bandwagon, and tried to be as dedicated as possible! With that little ray of happiness, I… View Post

Fitness Apps: Who knew they could play such a big part in our Fitness and Weight-loss journey? I am a huge fan of fitness apps, they help me stay on track and hit my goals and can be great motivators too! The best fitness apps I use religiously and would… View Post